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Reward your customers for completing missions and watch your business grow on auto-pilot.

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ProductHunt's Advocacy Portal.
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For Startups
Get more feedback, more testimonials, improve engagement, and grow faster.
For E-commerce
Get more reviews, drive referrals, and turn customers into brand advocates.
For Businesses
Get more references, more case studies, and connect with your best clients.

Everything you need to build & grow an army of loyal advocates.

Squadist is an all-in-one customer advocacy platform designed to help you mobilize your customers to help you achieve your most pressing goals, spread the word about your brand and ignite business growth.
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Live Demo

Input your website below to see a live demo of your customer advocacy portal.


Get access to a growing library of ready-to-use mission templates.
You can customize each template or create your own missions from scratch.
Social Media follow

Get advocates to follow you on your favorite social networks.

Social Proof

Ask advocates to share a testimonial to be featured on your website.

Social Proof
Social Share

Ask advocates to share your latest content on social media.

Social Proof
Blog Post comment

Get advocates to read & comment on your latest blog posts.

Social Proof

Get your advocates to complete surveys.

Weekly Question

Ask your advocates a new question every week.

Feature Suggestions

Get your advocates to suggest new features & ideas.


Gather your advocate's opinion with polls.

Refer an advocate

Ask advocates to recommend others to join your advocacy portal.

Join Referral program

Get advocates to join your external referral program.

Refer a customer

Ask advocates to refer someone to your business.

Refer 50 customers

Get your best advocates to scale up their referrals.

Install app

Get advocates to install your mobile app or browser extension.

Complete action

Get advocates to complete any action on your website.

Newsletter Subscription

Ask advocates to subscribe to your newsletter.

Attend Webinar

Get advocates to attend your live stream or webinar.

Linkedin Recommendation

Ask advocates to write a recommendation on your page.

Social Proof
Case Study

Get advocates to participate in your case studies.

Social Proof
Custom Mission

Create your own custom missions in just a few minutes.



Automatically give rewards & recognition to your best advocates.
Use the library templates or create your own rewards in a few clicks.
Charitable Donation

Let advocates donate to a charity of their choice.

Gift Card

Send advocates gift card codes.

Social Shoutout

Give a shoutout to your best advocates on social media.


Send advocates company swag.

Discount Code

Send advocates a discount code to use on their next purchase.

Exclusive Content

Give your advocates access to exclusive content.


Give advocates a free consultation.

Event Invitation

Give advocates an event invitation.

Make customer advocacy your secret weapon!

Squadist provides you with everything you need to build & grow a thriving community of advocates from the ground up.
Single Sign-on

Allow your customers to sign in to your portal using their existing account.


Customize your portal to match your other customer-facing properties.


Out-of-the box dashboards to track engagement, impact & adoption.


Foster healthy competition and engagement among advocates.

Automated Emails

Keep your advocates engaged and constantly coming back to your portal.


Allow advocates to connect, exchange ideas and help each other.

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